LifeSaver Group - Lifesaver Group is the parent company for LifeSaverApp, 911 SafeChild, 911 Silver Alert, and Care Notes Online. Each of these products are designed to give immediate access in the event of a medical or missing person emergency.

ClinicPro Software - ClinicPro offers complete practice management software including free electronic billing, appointment scheduling, practice management reports. ClinicPro also offers a certified EMR.

Care Notes Online - Care Notes OnlineTM is part of the LifeSaver AppTM suite of software programs designed to facilitate better communication between home healthcare agencies and client families.

911SafeChild - 911 SafeChild gathers data about a child's school, demographics, identifying marks, medical conditions, allergies, medications, phone numbers of friends and social media contacts. In the event that the child should ever disappear, get abducted or kidnapped, a missing child report can be immediately filed.

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Lifesaver AppTM Whitepaper

Minnesota Research Study of healthcare waste

Thompson_Reuters - A path to eliminnating 3.6 trillion in Wasteful healthcare spending

Humana study - The Business Case for Payer Support of a Community-Based Health Information

Exchange: A Humana Pilot Evaluating Its Effectiveness in Cost Control for Plan Members

Seeking Emergency Department Care

Shared Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap

Putting Health IT on the Path to Success

July 2014 -

MSNBC - Drug Errors Injure More Than 1.5 Million per Year - More than 1.5 million Americans are injured every year by drug errors in hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices, a count that doesn’t even estimate patients’ own medication mix-ups, says a report that calls for major steps to increase patient safety.

Medical Errors, the FDA and problems with prescription drugs - an article by about medical errors, the leading cause of death.

Hospitals May Be Hazardous to Your Health - did you know that the total number of medical tests and errors every day equals six jumbo jets crashing every day?

August 2011 - When HIEs Are Used, Health Plan Costs Go Down - Healthcare IT News - This article with numerous links shows the efficacy of health information exchanges in reducing healthcare costs.

Weather Emergencies

CDC Guide to Extreme Heat

Disaster Prep & Self Storage - What You Need to Know

PA DMV Emergency Driving Tips

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors & the Disabled

Emergency Preparedness for the Elderly

Humane Society - Protect Your Pets

What You Need to Know to Keep Your Family and Your Belongings Safe

Ready for Anything: First Aid for Pets

"Year Round" Severe Weather Safety Advice

Disaster Safety and Prevention: Protecting Your Home and Family

Emergency Preparedness & Vulnerable Populations: Planning for Those Most at Risk.

Checklist: Emergency Planning for Seniors

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

Disaster preparedness for families with food allergies

Do You Have a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan?


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