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Marilyn K Gard, President of LifeSaver Group, explains why LifeSaverApp is important for anyone with an ongoing medical condition.


If you have a chronic disease such as cancer, Parkinson's, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, COPD, heart disease or any ongoing health condition, you need LifeSaverApp to organize your medical record and make it immediately available for ongoing physician visits and medical emergencies.


If you travel for business or pleasure, LifeSaverApp becomes your best travel companion making your online medical record instantly available in case you become sick while you travel.


LifeSaverApp shows screenshots of the online medical record that can be used to save a person's life.

Why do EMTs & Emergency Room health professionals encourage the use of LifeSaverAppTM?

When you keep the wallet-sized Medical ID Card created by LifeSaverAppTM handy, an emergency responder can access your emergency medical information on a smartphone using QR Codes - a free app available from ITunes. Later at the hospital, emergency room doctors can pull up your entire medical record.  Having your emergency medical information organized and presented in a short medical record format speeds up the decision-making process. Healthcare professionals do not have to sift through pages and pages of irrelevant material. They know exactly the medical conditions that are present in the individual's life.



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